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Mercari: Your Online Marketplace for Deals and Discoveries


About Project is a leading online marketplace where individuals can buy and sell a wide variety of products. With a user-friendly interface and a vast range of categories, provides a platform for users to discover unique items, from fashion and electronics to home goods and collectibles. Sellers can easily list their items, set prices, and communicate with potential buyers, while buyers can browse and purchase items with confidence. With secure transactions and reliable shipping options, offers a convenient and trustworthy platform for individuals to engage in seamless buying and selling experiences.


The Problem

The ecommerce website is grappling with several challenges that hinder its effectiveness and user satisfaction. Users frequently face slow loading times, leading to a suboptimal browsing experience. Additionally, there are reported issues with the checkout process, ranging from occasional glitches to payment processing delays. Furthermore, concerns have been raised regarding the clarity of product descriptions and the overall user interface, impacting the ease of navigation and contributing to a less-than-ideal shopping experience. Addressing these multifaceted issues is imperative to enhance the website's performance, optimize user journeys, and improve overall customer satisfaction.

The Solution

The Challenge

To elevate the Mercari ecommerce website's performance and user satisfaction, we propose a holistic solution. This involves optimizing website speed through infrastructure enhancements, implementing rigorous testing protocols to identify and rectify transactional glitches promptly, and redesigning the user interface for a more intuitive and streamlined experience. Additionally, we will revamp the search algorithm to enhance product discoverability and clarity.

We Made

Clear and transparent communication channels will be established to keep users informed about updates and issue resolutions. By prioritizing these solutions, Mercari aims to create a more reliable, user-friendly, and efficient ecommerce platform, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience for all users.

"Embrace the joy of the moment instead of dwelling on its end."
— Kayo Osumi

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